How much is your website really worth to your business?

It’s a common concern for most small to mid-sized businesses: websites that don’t seem to have much of a return on investment. While the value might not be as apparent right away, it is the backbone of your brand and (if done correctly) can completely change your business.

What many business don’t do well is harness the full power of a website. Here are some things you can do to take your business to the next level.

Online Image and Reputation

Imagine someone is looking for services you provide. When they find your website, they’re met with an old website that looks terrible on mobile phones and is hard to navigate.

Most times, that (your site) will be a visitor’s only impression of your business.


Most times, that will be a visitor’s only impression of your business.


A majority of people who land on your site will leave within seconds of landing on the first page. They will judge whether it's worth their time to keep scrolling or not from the first few seconds. If your site is old, slow, or disorganized, these visitors will leave and will never get to see the great products and services you have to offer.

Visitors perception of your brand is also greatly influenced by that first impression. You could deliver amazing customer service but qualified leads may never get to see that part of your business because your website scared them away.

With that being said, a modern and easy to navigate site promotes your brand and invites visitors to do business with you.

Marketing Hub

At Midtown, we always say that your online brand starts with your site.

It is your marketing hub. It’s where you should outline your products and services, capture emails, and communicate updates to your current and potential customers.

All your social media accounts should also be complements and not replacements to your site. Your Instagram page should have a link to your page where you can have their undivided attention.

If you have a Facebook page, then you should share links that lead back to your website. Your website should also be easy to find on all social medias in case people are curious about your offerings.

A Video

Once you’ve captured the attention of your followers on social media, invite them to your website to learn more about your business. The sale should happen on your site, not on Twitter or Instagram.

Your website is where you tell your story and build your brand. Here, you are able to test different designs and call-to-actions, monitor traffic, and complete the sale.

We see a lot of customers who will run their business solely on Facebook or Instagram because they don’t see the value of a website anymore. The problem here is that they give all the power to Facebook and pray the social media giant plays nice.

Your site is the one place you have complete control over. No Google algorithm and no Facebook changes to dishevel you marketing efforts.

If Facebook decides to change its algorithms then a lot of businesses are out of luck. While Facebook allows businesses to build a following because of the sheer volume of users, it retains all the power.

Let Google Find You

If your site is not designed with Google in mind, then you are missing out on a great stream of qualified leads.

A modern site, one developed with search engines in mind will let you tap into the power of Google and Bing. That means you’re using good SEO practices:

  • Quick page loads time
  • Using key terms that customers are using on Google to try find you
  • Good use of metatags
  • Quality content

Better Connection with Your Customers

People want to connect with business on a human level. They don’t want to land on a page that is uninviting and bland. Design your site to welcome feedback from visitors.

Have your contact information easy to find. If you can support it, have a chat box on your page where visitors can easily send you a message.

A Bad Website is Bad for Sale

Lastly, the most important reason why you must have a well built site: loss of revenue. A site that takes into consideration all that we’ve outlined here can truly change your business. It’ll get you to the next level. Whether you need a few more sales a month or need to reach a major milestone, start by looking at your site.

Test different assumptions. How well is your call to action button working? How about your layout? Does a simpler layout help you close more sales? Implementing different A/B tests on your site will help you fine tune your sales process and drive more dollars into your business.

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